I obtained the Cambridge Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) at the Brasshouse Language Centre, Birmingham. Whilst training there, I delivered lessons to classes made up of large variety of nationalities ( Spanish, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, eastern European and Far Eastern learners). I enjoyed the diversity this represented. In one of my assignments (Focus on the Learner) for the CELTA course, I produced an assessment of the language weaknesses of a Spanish student, and then designed a worksheet for him to use to improve one aspect of his language.

I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from helping people to learn a new language. This translates into enthusiasm in my lessons, dedication to my chosen profession and a desire to improve and development my skills further. This then helps to make my lessons as enjoyable,interesting and effective.

I taught English full-time for one month in Minsk, Belarus, teaching 22 hours per week. This involved preparing and delivering lessons to a wide range of students, and class sizes, from 2 or 3 students to up to 25 students. These were mainly conversational classes, and I was given a completely free rein by the language school to design my own lessons. My aim was to give my learners as much practice as possible, so to achieve this aim I designed and selected appropriate materials and activities for them to do.

I had a lot of positive feedback from students and the language studio director, and I was able to develop an excellent rapport with my classes.

Whilst working in Belarus I needed to be organised in my approach, and able to plan ahead to make sure that I had materials prepared in advance for all my lessons. I was able to liaise with the office staff who printed out my materials for me, and I was able to develop a productive relationship with the support staff.

I taught a variety of levels in Minsk, including local English teachers who wanted to further develop their skills with a native speaker, and other professional students, such as medical students, lawyers and IT professionals. I taught at the premises of various IT companies in Minsk, and a variety of levels from Elementary, through Intermediate to Advanced. My time teaching in Minsk was so successful that the language school director has extended an invitation to me to return whenever I choose to.

From January 2017 I have taught English one-morning per week to Elementary - level students at St.Chad's Sanctuary (for refugees), Birmingham. This has been a really interesting and rewarding experience for me, meeting people from such diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups (mainly Arabic speaking) and helping people who have been through such a great deal of hardship.

My approach is to make lessons as interesting and engaging as possible because I firmly believe that people learn better when they are engaged, interested and enjoying what they are studying.